Neptune in the 1st House: Victimisation

I’ve read that it’s easy to recognise when someone has Neptune placed in their 1st House.

Maybe because we come across a little unconfined. And what I mean by unconfined is that we’re too inconstant, like a chameleon. People project onto us.

I personally have Neptune in the 1st House, and it’s not exactly easy when people view you how they want to. It’s possible that you may have been confused about your identity growing up, so when different people from all walks of life see you as one thing and then another it creates an even cloudier sense of self, and you of course, go with the flow and automatically adapt to that role they’ve given you because it’s in your nature to adapt. Whatever role that is will be different for you.

For me I’ve been seen as a rude ‘wiseacre’ in my anxious moments, the mute, painfully shy, comedian, disobedient student, teacher’s pet, the extremist, the ‘super smart’ kid, super duper kind, the weirdo and the korean spy (I’m not Korean or ethnically asian in any way whatsoever). And not to mention the fact that I have been juggling between two names while growing up because no one ever called me by my given name, and because half of my childhood was spent in various countries, so I’m not entirely sure where I’m meant to be living right now.

Having a Capricorn Asc isn’t helpful either when you’re stuck with stone cold facial expressions (or should I say non-expressions), until someone gets to know you and realises; oh you’re not as serious as I thought. You’re just weird and shy.
And then another person from a different social setting thinks you’re loud, outgoing and funny.

But the flip side to having your outward appearance painted by dreamy Neptune is the fact that you are able to deeply understand people beyond the surface. Some might think that you deeply understand them, that you really get them, and you do!

You also have Neptune’s glamour, elegance and mysteriousness. People are intrigued by you, even if they dislike you at first. You are finely alluring, but sometimes attract people who can take advantage of your kind nature.

Having this placement, you may not feel like a person who is living in the real world, rather more of an enigma who goes by many places and absorbs the feelings of all different kinds of people.

In a sense, you’re not experiencing the reality of the world, you’re just passing through it, soaking everything up as you float along.

Note: Remember that this is a wavering description as you can have more than just one planet in the 1st House. Also check what aspects are made to your natal Neptune and your dominant planet, since this will greatly affect your persona in regards to Neptune’s influence.



I managed to leave the house and visit my nearest Plaza to go on a quick bargain hunt. Of course I couldn’t miss a trip to Kmart, and I found a whole shelf full of unique, quality notebooks in there. I was impressed, so I bought a couple (shown in pictures).

I’m sure they still have tonnes of amazing little notebooks left! Well, now I know what to get people for Christmas – everybody needs a handy notebook. 
I also went into Ted’s Cameras and Nelson’s Photography to buy photo albums (white, in first image.) because currently, half the photos my family owns are stuffed in a flimsy box. And that ain’t right.

♧ Gold Glitter Padded Journal | Kmart | $4
♧ Watercolour A5 Journal | Kmart | $4
♧ Photo Album | $29


Searching for music, old and new, is one of my preferred hobbies whether it’s done in a little store or online.

So in an attempt to make a neat list in no particular order, these are some of my favourites from this year.

Although, some of them have actually been my favourite song for years now. But one does not simply stop loving their favourite song.👌


1. Sufjan Stevens – Fourth of July  

I know I’m late, but I only discovered this beautiful song via a meme this year (in July) and I’m so glad I did. If you haven’t heard it – you should check it out!

“Well you do enough talk
My little hawk, why do you cry?”


2. George Harrison – My Sweet Lord 

The Chiffons plagiarism aside, I love this one. Instantly thinking of a heavenly place I haven’t yet visited. The religious pluralism is also an interesting and uniting aspect.
RIP George

“Really want to see you, Lord
But it takes so long, my Lord”


  1. Cage The Elephant – Cigarette Daydreams 

Ah, nostalgia. I adore this one. Makes me want to go and get out the old childhood videotapes. Notice ‘Home & Love’ in the video.

“Cigarette daydream
You were only seventeen
So sweet, with a mean streak
Nearly brought me to my knees”


  1. Jake Bugg – Slide 

This song has been an all time favourite of mine ever since it was released into the world. From my own interpretation, it’s about not accepting the fact that you’re heartbroken, which is something I’m not familiar with nor have ever experienced myself, however (for some reason) I think this is one of the most mesmerising tunes I’ve come across.

“I’ve been thinking about the way the world turns,
And my stomach churns.”


  1.  Bored Nothing – Let Down 

I really wish I discovered this earlier so I could have told Fergus how beautiful and bittersweet it is. It’s still on repeat everyday.

“I can feel the time pass
And the feelings, they last”


  1. Angel Olsen – Windows 

I like how I can interpret this one in different ways, but it always reminds me to stay open minded and to keep on learning so as to not keep the blinders down. If you get me, you’ll know what I mean.

“Why can’t you see?
Are you blind?”


  1. Cigarettes After Sex -K 

I don’t have much to say on this one other than I adore it. It completely sets the atmosphere.

“And it’s just as good as I knew it would be”


  1.  Kate Bush – This Woman’s Work 

Kate Bush, you legend. Also, I aspire to be as dramatic as this video is.

“I should be crying, but I just can’t let it show
I should be hoping, but I can’t stop thinking”


  1. Irma Thomas – Anyone Who Knows What Love Is (Will Understand)

Oh but anyone who’s seen Black Mirror will understand.

“You can blame me
Try to shame me
And still I’ll care for you”


  1. Joan Jett – Crimson & Clover 

I just love the grit. On repeat over and over.

“I’m not such a sweet thing
I wanna do everything
What a beautiful feelin’
Crimson and clover, over and over”


  1. SoKo – I Come In Peace 

It’s hard to pick which song of Soko’s is my favourite cause I love em all! However, this one is most relatable.

“You were part of a dream
And you made life more real”


  1. D’Angelo and The Vanguard – Really Love

There’s just something about this song.. Good morning vibes.

“I’m not an easy man, to overstand, you feel me
But girl you’re patient with me”


  1. Years & Years/Dan Griffith – Desire (Gryffin Remix) 

I discovered this after watching the film ‘We Are Your Friends’, thankfully, because it’s a banger.

“Is it desire
Or is it love that I’m feeling for you”


  1. Alok/Bruno Martini/Zeeba – Hear Me Now

Again, nostalgia.

“All the lights will guide the way
If you get to hear me now
All the fears will fade away
If you get to hear me now”


  1. Billie Eilish – Bored 

I may be bored, but it’s not because of this song. Billie.

“I’m not afraid anymore
What makes you sure you’re all I need?
Forget about it”

16. Mac Demarco – Another One 

I always send this to my friends to freak them out but this song will definitely be an all time favourite of mine.

“Feelin’ so confused
You don’t know what to do
Afraid she might not love you anymore”


17. Slowdive – When The Sun Hits 

Rely on Slowdive for musical content like this.

“As the sun hits, she’ll be waiting
With her coffins under heaven”


  1. Blood Orange – Best To You 

From Dev’s best album yet. Best To You, E.V.P and Hadron Collider are my favourites from Freetown Sound – I love it!

“Call it all for nothing
But I’d rather be nothing to you
Than be a part of something
Of something that I didn’t do”


  1. King Krule – Border Line 

I liked the stage name Zoo Kid, but King Krule is just as good. This is a complex ditty about carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders, so heavy it feels like you’re drowning.

“And the soul chokes
To cause the tide
To enforce divide
This whole devotion has morphed in time
I’ll escort her mind to solve my crimes
Reach slow motion to con the mind”


  1. Lorde – Perfect Places 

Last one, from Lorde’s Melodrama.

“I hate the headlines and the weather
I’m nineteen and I’m on fire
But when we’re dancing I’m alright
It’s just another graceless night”

Hi Readers


Welcome to my newborn blog

I hope you enjoy my first ever blog post which I’ll probably end up deleting after I’ve set this all up neatly and made a few posts, as one does.

This is a ‘finger in every pie’ sort of blog, but I’ll try not to let you down readers. I’m still going to be doing free short personality descriptions and the lot. Let’s get personal! Personal! (sing along if you want)

I would like to note that I was formerly known as Daisy on tumblr, obviously to remain anonymous. 

So for those of you who are here via the link I posted, welcome back!