Neptune in the 1st House: Victimisation

I’ve read that it’s easy to recognise when someone has Neptune placed in their 1st House.

Maybe because we come across a little unconfined. And what I mean by unconfined is that we’re too inconstant, like a chameleon. People project onto us.

I personally have Neptune in the 1st House, and it’s not exactly easy when people view you how they want to. It’s possible that you may have been confused about your identity growing up, so when different people from all walks of life see you as one thing and then another it creates an even cloudier sense of self, and you of course, go with the flow and automatically adapt to that role they’ve given you because it’s in your nature to adapt. Whatever role that is will be different for you.

For me I’ve been seen as a rude ‘wiseacre’ in my anxious moments, the mute, painfully shy, comedian, disobedient student, teacher’s pet, the extremist, the ‘super smart’ kid, super duper kind, the weirdo and the korean spy (I’m not Korean or ethnically asian in any way whatsoever). And not to mention the fact that I have been juggling between two names while growing up because no one ever called me by my given name, and because half of my childhood was spent in various countries, so I’m not entirely sure where I’m meant to be living right now.

Having a Capricorn Asc isn’t helpful either when you’re stuck with stone cold facial expressions (or should I say non-expressions), until someone gets to know you and realises; oh you’re not as serious as I thought. You’re just weird and shy.
And then another person from a different social setting thinks you’re loud, outgoing and funny.

But the flip side to having your outward appearance painted by dreamy Neptune is the fact that you are able to deeply understand people beyond the surface. Some might think that you deeply understand them, that you really get them, and you do!

You also have Neptune’s glamour, elegance and mysteriousness. People are intrigued by you, even if they dislike you at first. You are finely alluring, but sometimes attract people who can take advantage of your kind nature.

Having this placement, you may not feel like a person who is living in the real world, rather more of an enigma who goes by many places and absorbs the feelings of all different kinds of people.

In a sense, you’re not experiencing the reality of the world, you’re just passing through it, soaking everything up as you float along.

Note: Remember that this is a wavering description as you can have more than just one planet in the 1st House. Also check what aspects are made to your natal Neptune and your dominant planet, since this will greatly affect your persona in regards to Neptune’s influence.


5 thoughts on “Neptune in the 1st House: Victimisation

      1. It is just sheer hell, actually. Gives me fairly strong intuitive abilities (I think, maybe?) but the victimization thing you are describing is on steroids. Mercury (Leo, 10th house) squares it, also, giving the usual Mercury / Neptune square problems. (Great for writing poetry / photography / etc. but a miserable wreck when it comes to addictions / compulsions. And sleep disturbances are just beyond description.)

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      2. That sounds truly debilitating, especially to the self. I can only imagine – I have Neptune in Capricorn, mainly trines to moon/venus, so I must have easier encounters with others. But the victimisation seems to be a reoccurring theme. It’s ALWAYS there. Mercury/Neptune can be amazing but I agree that it does have it’s downsides (addiction, insomnia).

        So true. They won’t admit it, but we know 😉


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